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    Climatic Home Products is more than just an independent appliance distributor. Thanks to our decades of experience, we offer our dealers an unparalleled level of customer service and industry support. When you work with Climatic, you’ll get the attention your business deserves and the tools you need to succeed.

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    The support you need to thrive today and grow tomorrow.
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    Never a choice between what is right and what is convenient, we do what is right for the customer.
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    We are dedicated to our customers, business partners, and one another to drive common success as measured by all.

    Dealer Testimonials

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      “As a customer of Climatic Home Products for more than a decade we feel their partnership has been very valuable toward the success of our company. As an 11 store appliance independent retailer the importance of having fast access to inventory is invaluable. The ability to get merchandise locally as well as special order products is a huge advantage over the national companies we compete with everyday. Climatic has also proven themselves to sincerely share in our business plans and always willing to make adjustments on their end that help us achieve our needs and goals. This is possible largely in part to the fact that the leadership of the company is directed by true industry veterans that know and understand our business. It is always a pleasure to do business with people you know and trust!”

      Claude Ward General Manager, Famous Tate
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      “In Climatic we have a vendor partner that excels in every aspect of our relationship – from initial line presentation through product assortment, staff training, seamless order entry to on-time delivery. Any issues that develop are owned and solved by Climatic – there’s no time wasted while debating whether it’s a carrier issue, a manufacturer’s issue or even a dealer’s issue – it’s simply handled. Climatic operates with the highest level of integrity and professionalism, and they make our company feel like family. Over our fifteen year relationship we’ve seen it proven time after time that they share our philosophy of providing the highest level of service in all that they do. Every member of the Climatic team has the same objective – to meet our needs at the right price, at the right time, while removing the pain points that exist in so many of our other vendor interactions. Through their efforts Climatic has made us a better and a stronger company.”

      Chris Riching Executive Vice President, Bill Smith Inc.
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      “It’s not often that you find a vendor partner that listens to what you think will drive your own business. In Climatic I have found that our relationships up and down the points of contact are engaged in our business and actually listen to what we are trying to accomplish in our individual marketplace. The resulting efforts have been outstanding for both our companies and will continue to be because of the ongoing conversations about what’s next and how are we going to get there together. From management to field representation to administrative functions, all things are in sync, helping us continue to increase our sales velocity.”

      Roddey Player Sales Associate, Queen City TV and Appliance
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