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Verona Appliances Are Italian Style and Innovation in U.S. Kitchens

Verona has been furnishing upscale kitchens across Europe since 1958 and is now producing cooking appliances that combine classic Italian style and advanced technology for the American market.

Verona kitchen appliances have earned recognition worldwide for their functionality and form alike.

Based in the Venice suburbs, Verona offers ranges, cooktops, built-in ovens, under-cabinet and wall-mount ventilation, and accessories, all designed and produced to exacting professional kitchen standards yet scaled for the home.

In a nod to form: in 2018, Verona’s 36-inch double oven ranges earned the prestigious GOOD DESIGN award presented annually for nearly 70 years by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press. One range, either gas or electric, offers the flexibility of two ovens.

As for function, Verona’s innovative designs include, for example, safe, efficient options for cooking with gas that include electronic ignition and a flame failure device that stops the gas flow if the flame is accidentally extinguished.

On the electric side, energy efficiency is enhanced by burner heads mounted close to the cooking surface, which, along with double- and triple-ring burners, also ensures even heat distribution for improved cooking performance. Magnetic induction models, which heat and cool almost instantly, also are available for consumers who wish to cook with the control of gas, but save energy as well as simplify cleanup.

Dual-fan convection oven performance, meanwhile, is enhanced with a third fan element that pre-heats the circulated air to achieve consistent temperature for superlative results. That’s as the heavy-duty glass doors are keeping heat and energy in the oven cavity while staying cool to the touch.

Features also include touch controls, telescopic retractable racks, pyrolytic self-cleaning in the electric ovens and infrared broilers in the gas models.

A Focus on Ranges
Climatic Home Products and Verona offer two lineups of ranges. The Designer series features sleek surfaces, clean lines, stainless steel and chrome accents and tubular legs. There are single-oven options with finishes in burgundy, matte black, white and stainless steel. Other enticing features include full brass burners for long life performance, plus a soft close door.

The Prestige series offers tubular handrails and handles, and a chrome nameplate, all atop plinth legs. They’re available as 36-inch models and offer a choice of gas, electric and dual fuel configurations, with single or double oven design, and great usable oven space or pull-out drawer storage.

Verona also offers one of the few fully electric 36-inch double ranges on the market, including a unique double-oven model. These come with a glass top and stainless steel finish and provide a desirable option for homeowners looking for that size and flexibility but who do not have natural gas service available.

Also available are gas-only and dual-fuel (natural gas and LP) models in stainless steel, matte black, burgundy and white finishes.

Available in 24-inch, 30-inch and 36-inch models, the cooktops sit atop easy-to-program, multi-function European convection ovens. Along with the highlights already mentioned, many Verona ovens feature seven cooking modes: three for baking (bake, fan oven, convention bake), and three for radiant cooking (broil, convection broil, dual broil) as well as a defrost mode. Also available in many models: generous, full-width storage spaces and warmer drawers.

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