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Should You Switch to an Induction Cooktop?

Find Out Why Induction Cooktops are Better

Whether you’re purchasing a full set of kitchen appliances for your new home, remodeling your existing kitchen, or even just thinking about replacing your current cooktop, you’ll have to make one major decision when it comes to your kitchen range: electric, gas, or induction?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to cooktops, but not all are created equal. Induction cooktops offer some major advantages over a traditional electric or gas stove.

What Is Induction Cooking? How Does It Work?

Unlike a traditional electric or gas stove, induction cooking uses electromagnetism to heat up the contents of your pot or pan.

Induction cooktops come equipped with electromagnetic coils, which are located underneath the glass cooktop surface. In order to use an induction stove, you’ll need pots and pans that are properly magnetized. When induction cookware is placed on an induction range, the cooktop transfers heat via an electromagnetic field. Rather than heating up a burner that then has to transfer that heat to your cookware, an induction stove skips the middleman, applying heat directly to your pot or pan.

Is Induction Cooking Better than Electric or Gas?

There are some distinct advantages to cooking with an induction range, as compared to using a traditional gas or electric stove.

Fast Cooking
As mentioned above, traditional stovetops have to first heat an intermediary of some kind — such as the electric coil on an electric stove — before that heat can be transferred to your pot or pan. With an induction stove, the energy is transferred directly to your cookware.

The result? Faster cooking. For example, water heated on an induction stove top can be brought to a boil up to 50% faster than on a standard gas or electric range.

Easy to Clean
While standard electric coil stoves and gas ranges are notoriously difficult to clean, glass top ranges offer a distinct advantage. The flat, smooth surface lends itself to easy clean up.

Unfortunately, standard electric stoves with glass tops end up being challenging to clean, too. That’s because any spills or splatters from cooking will stick to the hot cooktop, hardening as the range cools down.

By comparison, induction cooktops are easy to clean. Since the surface doesn’t get as hot, cooking spills won’t burn onto the surface. Plus, since the cooktop will be cool enough to clean as soon as you’re done cooking, there’s no need to wait until it cools down to wipe up any spills.

Environmentally Friendly
Due to their energy efficiency, induction cooktops are often considered more environmentally friendly than their electric and gas counterparts.

A hot stovetop can be dangerous. Induction cooktops cool down much faster than standard ranges, reducing the risk of burns once you’ve finished cooking. Additionally, induction elements stop transferring heat once you remove the magnetized pot or pan from the element’s surface. This reduces your chances of accidentally leaving a burner turned on.

Temperature Control
Induction cooktops offer far more precise control of temperature than with a gas or electric cooktop. This means more consistent cooking results.

Energy Efficiency
Thanks to the fact that they can directly apply heat to your induction cookware, an induction range is significantly more energy efficient than other types of stoves. In addition to cooking meals up to 50% faster, induction ranges offer up to 90% energy efficiency — a major improvement over electric (65%) or gas (50%) ranges.

Switching to an Induction Range

As you can see, there are some major advantages to induction ranges. They’re safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than other cooktops. Plus, they’re easier to clean.

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